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How He Cracked IPS After IRTS - Himanshu Gupta | A Success Story | Hmaratalent

How He Cracked IPS After IRTS - Himanshu Gupta | A Success Story  | Hmaratalent

Himanshu Gupta is from Sirauli Uttar Pradesh and cracked UPSC continuously two times.
The first time he cleared with AIR 304 IRTS (2019) and secondly, he cleared with AIR 558 IPS (2020)

What Happened when Himanshu Gupta did not join IRTS and keep studying for the Next UPSC Exam to get IPS

In the examination for the year 2018, whose result was in 2019, he got 304 ranks. Himanshu selected for IRTS but he wanted to be a Police Officer and serve his service to the country where he born, so he did not join IRTS and keep studying for the next UPSC Exam Preparation to achieve the goal of his life.
And he knows that if he will make more efforts so he can get more and this was the confidence of Himanshu which helped to cracked the UPSC with AIR 558 and Selected for IPS in 2020.
But when he got good rank on the first attempt and selected for IRTS, mostly relatives were forcing him to join as IRTS but his Parents who support him in every situation, allow him to go with his decision because Parents have strongly believed in their hard-working Son.
Now when the result announced, Parents, Relatives,  The Hometown People and everyone whoever heard about the result very happy and felt very proud.

How he cracked the exam and faced challenges

Himanshu Gupta faced many difficulties while travelling from a small village to UPSC but never put his dreams on hold.

Himanshu's childhood was not like ordinary children. He spent days in extreme poverty. His father used to work as a daily wage labourer, after that he started hiring tea. Himanshu also used to help his father in this work after school. While distributing tea, when he saw some people that he could not even count money on fingers, he used to think about how important education is in life. 
At the same time, he decided that he would change his life only by making education a tool.
The difficulties of Himanshu's childhood can be gauged from the fact that his school was 35 km away from home. He used to travel 70 kilometres every day to get basic education only. After this, he used to help Dad in the tea stall. 
In such a situation, you can guess yourself how much time they used to get for studying. But Himanshu was sharp of mind, he learned things quickly and he used to take less time in comparison to other students in their studies. Similarly, Himanshu took education up to class 12. Himanshu's father later opened a general store shop which is still there today.

Himanshu Gupta is from Sirauli Uttar Pradesh, How He Cracked IPS After IRTS - Himanshu Gupta | A Success Story  | Hmaratalent,

Steps placed in a metro city for the first time after class 12- 

Himanshu recalls the old days in an interview, stating that after Class 12 when he reached the Hindu College in Delhi, it was the first time he had stepped into a metro city.
While searching for the good institute of Random India on his father's phone, he read about Delhi University. Luckily his scores were good and he got admission. 
Since coming here, Himanshu did a lot more work with studies to solve the money problem until further studies. He has taught tuitions, written paid blogs and obtained scholarships wherever possible.
This is how his education was completed. After graduation, he learned about MSC Curry and Himanshu's ability from here that he passed the UGC NET exam three times during this period. Not only this, but they also brought singles digit rank in the GATE exam and also topped their college.
The confidences of Himanshu increased greatly and he began to feel that he had the ability to achieve something even greater. Meanwhile, he also got opportunities to go abroad and do a PhD, but he chose to stay with his country and especially his parents, who had taught him so hard. This was also the occasion when Himanshu started thinking about civil services very seriously.

During his Training Days

UPSC preparation without coaching - 

There were two reasons for Himanshu not coaching. One is money and secondly, because of self-study, trust only on self-study. Himanshu gave the exam by preparing wholeheartedly but failed badly in the first semester. This situation was also very bad for him because he was in great need of money for himself and his family. Himanshu took JRF and started doing MPhil.
The money came from this decision, but it was very difficult to manage time between civil service and research. As we know, the UPSC exam demands full-time division but Himanshu did not have any option. They were also not among the retreaters. In the year 2019 March, he submitted his theses here and a month later in April 2019, the result of his civil service came. Himanshu got selected. In the examination for the year 2018, whose result was in 2019, he got 304 ranks. Himanshu and his family had no place for happiness.

Education/Licenses & Certification/Test Score/Courses/Language/Publications/Honour & Awards/

M.Phil - Jiwaji University
Environmental Sciences - 2017-2019
Grade 85.5%

MSc - Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi
Environmental Studies - 2014 – 2016 
Grade 81.1%

Bachelor of Science (BSc) - Hindu college
Botany/Plant Biology - 2011 – 2014 
Grade 78.71%

Indian Police Service - IPS Dec 2020 ( Present)
Indian Railways - IRTS - Dec 2019 – Jul 2020 (8 months)
Summer Intern - GB Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development - 2015 (1 Month)
Project trainee - NCBS - Jun 2013 – Jul 2013 - (2 Months)

Licenses & Certification/T
1) Introduction to philosophy - The University of Edinburgh
Certification or License issued Apr 2020

2) Preparations for Introductory Biology: DNA to Organisms - UC Irvine 
Certification or License issued Jun 2018

3) Behavioural Economics in Action - University of Toronto
Certification or license issued Apr 2018
Click here to check the details - Here

4) The Science Of Everyday Thinking - The University Of Queensland
Certification or license issued Feb 2018
Click here to check the details - Here

5) Animal Behaviour and Welfare - The University Of Edinburgh
Certification or license issued June 2017

6) International Human Rights - Universite Catholique de Louvain
Certification or license issued June 2017
Click here to check the details - Here

7) Tropical Coastal ecosystem - the University of Queensland
Certification or license issued Nov 2016
Click here to check the details - Here

8) Analysing and Visualizing Data with Excel - Microsoft   
Certification or license issued April 2016
Click here to check the details - Here

9) Introduction To Psychology - Tsinghua University
Certification or license issued April 2016
Click here to check the details - Here

10) Nutrition & Health Part 1 : Macronutrients and Overnutrition - Wageningen University & Research 
Certification or license issued Feb 2016
Click here to check the details - Here

11) Evaluating Social Programs - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Certification or license issued Nov 2015
Click here to check the details - Here

12) Visualizing Japan (the 1850s-1930s): Westernization Protest, Modernity - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Certification or license issued Oct 2015
Click here to check the details - Here

13) Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship - University    of Maryland
Certification or license issued Aug 2015

14) Introduction To Bioethics - Georgetown university
Certification or license issued July 2015
Click and check the details - Here

15) Alcohol, Drugs and Baby Boomers: Are you ready - John Hopkins University
Certification or license issued June 2015

16) Blue Is The New Green - The University of British Columbia 
Certification or license issued March 2015
Click here and check the details - Here

17) The Science of Happiness - University of California, Berkeley
Certification or license issued Feb 2015
Click here to check the details - Here

18) Solving Complex Problems - Technische University Delft
Certification or license issued Jan 2015
Click here and check the details - Here

Test Score - 7
1) UGC NET in Anthropology
    Taken on Jun 2019  NET

2) UPSC CSE 2019

3) UGC NET in Geography
    Taken on Jun 2016  NET

4) AIR 8 in GATE EY
    Taken on Dec 2015  859/1000

5) UGC NET JRF in Environmental Sciences
    Taken on Jun 2015  Qualified twice
    Description of June and December 2015

6) MBA- AB entrance exam, BHU
    Taken on Jun 2014 Rank 1

7) UPSC CSE 2018
    AIR 304

1) Add-on course on Medical Biotechnology, Miranda House, University of Delhi 2013 

Course number

2) Course Host- Time Management Josh Skills Platform.

Course number

3) Training course in scientific journalism 2015

Course numbe015

English - Full professional proficiency
German - Elementary proficiency
Spanish - Professional working proficiency

Butterfly diversity and effect of temperature and humidity gradients on butterfly assemblages in a sub-tropical urban landscape
publication date Mar 15, 2019  publication description journal of Tropical ecology
Click and See Publication - Here

Hauora chrome (Hesperiidae, Lepidoptera): A New Record for Delhi, India
publication date Jan 12, 2016  publication description journal of Bombay Natural History Society
Click and See Publication - Here

Do you want to save the Planet?

publication dateJul 22, 2015  publication descriptionHindustan Times

Honours & Awards
1) University Gold Medalist (M.Phil)
Honour Date Feb 2019  Honor issuer Jiwaji University

2) University Gold Medalist (MSc)
Honour ateJun 2016 honour issuerUniversity of Delhi

Conversation between Ahbab Zameer and Himanshu gupta IPS from Sirauli uttar Pradesh

Himanshu says from his experience that it does not matter whether you are from a small place, have studied in a small school or the financial condition of your parents. If your dreams are big then you can reach anywhere in life. Your job will take you from one career to another, but your dreams can take you anywhere. So dream, work hard and believe in yourself because dreams really do come true.

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