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Interview With Vishwajeet Kumar | Founder Of BloggingPond.com | Hmaratalent

This is Ahbab Zameer, founder of hmaratalent, today i invited Vishwajeet Kumar for interview.  He is a fulltime Blogger and Digital marketer & Founder of BlogginggPond.com Read the Entire Interview Details and Enjoy. Interview With Vishwajeet Kumar | Founder Of BloggingPond.com | Hmaratalent - Interview on hmaratalent - hmaratalent interviews -
Welcome to the first interview post. 
Yes, I've started an interview series on my blog, where I invite some pro bloggers to share their blogging journey, some actionable tips for newbies bloggers, and how they make money from it.
In the first interview series, I invite Vishwajeet Kumar He is a Pro Blogger, Affiliate & Digital Marketer and Founder of BloggingPond.com
So, are you excited about this post? Let's get started without wasting any time.

Let's Start The Interview With Vishwajeet Kumar

Q1. Hello Vishwajeet, Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Hello Ahbab Zameer First of all, thanks for inviting me to your blog.
Hello Guys, My Name is Vishwajeet Kumar I am a fulltime Blogger and Digital marketer. I am the Owner of BloggingPond.com I love to help people to start and grow their blog.
I have been in this field for more than 4 years.

Q2. How did you get into blogging? Please tell us about your blogging journey.
I have started my blogging career in October 2016. Before, I was just surfing the internet and learning coding and designing.
I have worked for many clients and help them set up their website. Later I came to know about Amit Agarwal founder of Labnol.org I really like his articles. He inspired me a lot. I know that he is a fulltime blogger and making good money from it. 
So, I have decided to do blogging. I have created 3 failed blogs but it helps me to learn everything about blogging.

Q3. You're in blogging since 2016. So, what difficulties you had faced in the initial months?
This is a good question Ahbab Zameer
Actually, When I have started Blogging, I really don’t know much about SEO, and Marketing etc. So, Promotion and SEO was a  great issue for me. But I will soon overcome it.
When you do things practically, it's obvious that you failed first but at the same time, you will learn a lot from your failure. The same happens to me also and I think it happened to every blogger.

Q4. Which blogs do you like most and why?
I love to read blogs as It helps me to learn something new all the time.
I never realize myself a perfect blogger. Being a blogger you will learn something new every day. The List is very big. However, I would like to mention a few blogs that I read on regular basis.

✅ Anil Agarwal:- Bloggerspassion.com
✅ Mangesh Bhardwaj:- Bloggingqna.com
✅ Joy Dhar:- Overfleek.com
✅ Santanu Debnath:- BloggingJoy.com
✅ Amit Garg:- BloggingBeats.com
✅ Ravi Dixit:- Staymeonline.com
✅ Shubha Tiwari:- JustWomenworld.com
✅ Saurabh Tiwari:- Techibhai.com
✅ Archana Tiwari:- BloggingTry.com
✅ Chayan Chakrabarti:- Simplefactsonline.com

Q5. What do you suggest to newbies blogger to drive organic traffic on their new blog?
SEO is a complex term and needs proper strategies and patience. You cannot rank overnight. I recommend newbie bloggers to focus on the on-page and off-page SEO of their blog.
In On-Page SEO, you need to work on your sites like creating quality and engaging content. Make your site SEO friendly. Design your site easy to navigate. Add alt text to your images, Speed up your blog loading speed.
Off-Page SEO consists of creating quality backlinks. It is very important. You need to build backlinks from high authority website relevant to your niche. For this, you can do guest posting. Social Media sites and WEB 2.0 sites are also great way to get backlinks.

Q6. Which are the essential tools for any blog according to you?
I am using SEMrush for my SEO related work and keyword research. It is a complete SEO tool that helps you to make your SEO strong.
I use Canva to design my blog graphics and images. It is a fantastic tool and I really love using it.
I am also using Coschedule headline analyzer to analyze my blog post titles.
It helps me to write attractive and SEO friendly titles for my posts.

Q7. How you do keyword research for your blog? Give a pro tip to find keywords that are easy to rank in Google SERP?
I use Quora to find trending and most asking questions in my niche.
It helps me to understand what people looking for in my niche and I create post according to it.
For Keyword research I am using SEMrush and ahrefs. Ahrefs works great when it comes to keyword research as their results are precise and accurate.

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Q8. Which is the most important thing in blogging or any online business according to you?
Creating quality and engaging content is very important.
As a blogger, you need to be consistent with your blog posts. The most important thing is patience. Today newbie bloggers are so much impatient. They want to make things happen overnight.
So, patience and consistency are very important in successful Blogging.

Q9. Please share some strategies to write a high-quality blog post that google and readers love.
Writing a good blog post is very important to engage readers in your blog. Before writing your post, you need to research the topic first.
Look what readers want from your blog. You can use Quora to find the latest questions asked by the users in your niche.
Then you need to work on keyword research. It is a very important step before writing the content. Make your paragraph short.
Use images on your post to make it interesting for your readers. If possible add videos to your blog post can boost up engagement on your blog.

Q10. What is the future of blogging in India? Is it good to start a career as a full-time blogger in 2021?
Definitely! Blogging is now a good career option in India too. In this COVID situation, people stuck at home and blogging can help them to earn some good money by following their passion.
So, Definitely, Blogging has a bright future.

Q11. Apart from blogging, what is your favourite activity?
Apart from blogging, I love to travel, hanging out with friends and family. I also love to listen to music

Q12. Would you like to share some powerful tips to increase affiliate sales?
The trust factor plays a great role here.
People won’t buy a product or service from a stranger. To increase your affiliate sales, you need to build trust by providing helpful content. I also recommend using the products and services first before writing a review about them.
It will help you to write genuine and authentic product reviews that help in generating more sales.

Q13. Any Suggestion for my blog to improve performance and drive organic traffic?
You are really doing great with your blog
keep working on what you are doing. Just one suggestion, Start working on your off-page SEO and build some backlinks for your blog.
Wish you great success with your blog Hmara Talent
Kindly Follow Vishwajeet Kumar on Social Media and contact him for any query related to Blogging.

Final Words
I hope you enjoyed this interview post and learned some useful from this post
And, I would like to thank Vishwajeet Kumar sir for giving their valueable time to respond my questions.
"If you found this interview post helpful then let me know in the comment section is this helpful for your or not?"
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