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A Girl Who Left Her Job And Started A Startup - Sonali Gaur Founder of TheGlorifySoaps

Today I invite Sonali Gaur, From Delhi. She is an Entrepreneur, who left her job and established a Startup of Homemade Organic Skin & Hair Care Products in Lockdown Time. She wants to help those people who are searching for suitable cosmetics products for their skin but using full of chemicals in the form of skincare products. So Sonali gaur is helping them through their homemade cosmetic products made with pure herbs.

Let's Start The Interview With Sonali Gaur

Q1. Sonali, Please Introduce Yourself.

Hey Ahbab! Thanks for having me for this Interview. I am Sonali Gaur "Soapist" An Entrepreneur who is helping people to provide Paraben Free Skincare Products.

Q2. Explain Your Startup? 

The business of Handmade skincare products, which are free from Harsh chemicals and paraben, is Purely homemade and safe for the skin.

Q3. How did you start TGS and why ?

My own skin problems took me into the world of herbs. I started DIYs and came in contact with many handmade natural products. I thought of learning all of them because I wanted to make something for my skin, so that is how I learned and started this business.

Q4. Why did You choose this unique name for your brand?

My brand's name resembles one of my favorite brands, So I made a long list and came up with this name.

Q5. What do you Produce?

I make every kind of skin Care Hair Care related products that are free from Parabens like soaps, face wash, hair packs, conditioners, lip balm, and basically every skin Care /Hair Care/lip care/Eyecare/body care product.

Paraben Free
Harmful Color Free
Harmful Fragrance-Free
Purely Homemade
Purely Handmade

Q6. How do you sell and promote your products?

I sell through social media platforms and in the area where I live.

Q7. What's the reason behind establishing TGS ?

The reason behind establishing Theglorifysoaps is that people still don't get the product according to their skin type. I want to make products for them. I want them to see the magic of Ayurveda, herbs, and Nature

Q8. What is the Mission of TGS ?

The mission of TGS is to make a huge family. I see a Toxin-free world. You cannot do everything but you can surely give a hand and do a few things to make the environment better.

Q9. How do you learn the strategies to produce homemade cosmetics?

Simple by social platforms and I did the professional course and I teach as well 

And in the coming year, I'm planning to go for higher Studies, Courses, And some specialization in Skin and Hair.

Q10. What is TGS ?


Q11. Did you collaborate with any other brand?

Yes, I often Collaborate with many influencers, Bloggers.

Q12. How do customers purchase your products?

Through social apps like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and sometimes Google Search people contact me for purchasing products.

Q13. How do you accept payments?

Only online through Gpay-Phonepe-Paytm-Bank Transfer

Q14. How do you deliver the products?

Through Delhivery and Bluedart because both logistic companies are reputed.

Q15. Will you provide any discount for hmaratalent audience?

Yes, I would love to provide free gifts with a discount for hmaratalent audience.

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Q16. What is Skincraftacademy, please explain it?

It is an online academy. In which i give various skin and hair care professional courses. At present i have 1200+ students across india.

Q17. Will you please give some skincare suggestions for our readers

With pleasure, I would request everyone kindly Stop using chemical products and go for a small business that is doing their best to give you healthy and Chemical Free options.

Q18. How was your experience with hmaratalent😊

Absolutely amazing experience with you Ahbab! I am happy that you have started this blog. you are inspiring people through inspirational Stories. And Thanks A Lot for giving me this great opportunity to be featured on Hmaratalent.in  I wish you all the success. 

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Sonali Gaur is An Entrepreneur and Founder of TheGlorifySoaps , Hmaratalent TALK

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Sonali Gaur is An Entrepreneur and Founder of TheGlorifySoaps , Hmaratalent TALK

You can Contact Sonali Gaur for any issue related to Skincare and Purchasing the Homemade Pure Herb Products, Good for Your Skin.

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