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A Story of India's Three Time Miss World Diversity - Naaz Joshi | Hmaratalent

Today we are going to share a very Inspiring Story of A Transgender who won the title of Miss Universe Diversity and becomes India's First international Trans Beauty Queen with Six International crowns after a long struggle in her life. Read about Naaz joshi on Hmaratalent

Today we are going to share a very Inspiring Story of A Transgender who won the title of Miss Universe Diversity and becomes India's First international Trans Beauty Queen with Six International crowns after a long struggle in her life. 

We would like to request everyone kindly read the entire story and try to feel the pain that Naaz Joshi suffered as Trans and what she wants to change in society for Trans and women. 

Her Good Name is NAAZ JOSHI

Highlights of Story

◼ Naaz Joshi (born on December 31st, 1984 in New Delhi India, is India's First Transgender International Beauty Queen, a trans rights activist, and a motivational speaker.

◼ She left her home at 7 to avoid taunts from society for her feminine behaviour.

◼ She faced raped by her cousin at age of 7 years

◼ She completed her MBA in marketing from the Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad after enrolling in the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and completing her formal studies in fashion design.

◼ Joshi won the Miss World Diversity beauty pageant three times in a row. 

◼ She is also India's first transgender cover model. She also happens to be the world's First Trans Sexual to win an international beauty pageant with cisgender women. 

◼ Naaz Joshi won the title of Miss Universe Diversity 2020, making her India’s First International Trans Beauty Queen with Six International Crowns.

Please introduce yourself more?

My name is Naaz Joshi, I am India's first transgender international beauty queen, a trans rights activist, and a motivational speaker. 

Kindly tell us about your Early Life.

As you know that I was born transgender to a multicultural family. My mother is a Muslim while my father is a Hindu. In spite of having a twin brother and another younger brother, I was always the odd one out.

"When I grew up a little, all the relatives told my parents to send me to the trans ( hijra) community. But they declined it and wanted me to study,” but my family does not want me to stay with them either, to avoid taunts from society for my feminine behavior. so they sent me away to an uncle in Mumbai.

I took up a job at a restaurant where I washed utensils and cleaned tables. All was well until a male cousin raped me when I was 11 years old.

"The sad part was that I had no idea what rape even meant. I got to know much later. All I remember is that I was brutally injured.” 

By the time I realized it, it was too late to find a legal battle as evidence was lost with time.

In my life what I achieved or suffered will let you know in the next questions.

What challenges you faced as a transgender and after being successful did your family accept you?

"In Early life when my family against sending me to (Hijra) transgender community or they sent me to Mumbai to avoid taunts from society for my feminine behavior, this was very painful for me to live without family and being raped by my cousin at an early age of 11, made me brutally injured my inner heart"

"I faced much discrimination by our society as transgender, I was unable to stay in even a Hotel where I was giving my own money but only due to having tag of transgender my booking got canceled and when I raised a complaint about that they denied any booking registration in records"

"In the same Industry I faced discrimination - A fresher usually earns ₹5,000 for a shoot and if you are a woman with experience in the fashion industry it can go up to ₹35,000 but a trans woman with years of experience still earns merely ₹12000. While the pay hike is 600% for women, the pay is generally only 140% more for trans women"

No, My family still has not accepted me after being successful.

As a Trans Activist, What will you do?

I want to teach Trans Community and remove every single thing which is spoiling the dignity of the trans community. And I want to raise my voice for the right of the trans community as well.

◼ I will teach, raise my voice, opposed them:-

 Those trans who force people to pay a big amount on any occasion because trans first and last work is to spread love and positivity to bless people.

● People consider transgender only an object to fulfill their sexual desire, I will teach trans to understand what is wrong and what is not acceptable in society and will aware of them to keep away from these bad situations.

 I will speak against those girls and women who use Indian Law in illegal ways and trap boys and their husbands in jail, will be aware of people to keep safe from these fake cases, and teach girls or women to not do this.

 I want a Bill by the Indian Govt. in which transgender could marry a Boy and adopt children to help an orphanage and grow their education ahead.

What would you say about discrimination against transgender in society?

Ahbab, I am much against those who discriminate because I have faced it a lot. 

We all are born by God and this is not in our hands to change our Gender, Colour, Caste, Religion. so why do we discriminate against any other person who is Black, who is from Bihar whose people call Bihari if from Nepal people call Nepali.

Why do we do this?

Why we are going against God creation, why we are hating God Creation, why

Listen Ahbab, I was born in a very good family but I am transgender and I like to react like girls, love to wear Suits, Saadis, and everything whatever girls do. So these things I never learned from anyone, it is all about from birth. "People Should think before discriminating anyone"

You have achieved a lot of fame. how it could be possible?

I know one thing only, If you have decided to do anything in your life so surely you will get one day but to achieve we will have to work hard and I follow the same, whatever situation I faced bad or worst I did not give up and keep walking ahead and now I cannot explain my happiness after achieving these great opportunities, awards, title, and more your love. 

How did you feel about winning the sixth international crown?

Every time I go on the ramp, it feels like I am there for the first time. I still get goosebumps before I stand on stage and address the 500-plus audience. The only irony is what female winners achieve by winning one pageant, I couldn’t even in six. I just wish more people would come forward to cover my journey.

As the Miss Universe Diversity organization took the pageant digital this year, how was your experience participating remotely?

It was a good step. Miss Universe has shifted its 70th pageant to 2021, and reports state that Miss Earth was digital in 2020. We work very closely with the make-up team, photographers, and event directors, and all that went digital this year. I, as a beauty queen, have a responsibility towards the community, I was a responsible citizen supporting this digitization of beauty pageants.
What is it that draws you to participate in various pageants?

I am looking for the power to voice my opinions. Had I been famous, people might have taken me seriously. Even after winning six international titles for India my own community doesn’t recognize me. I will keep on competing to get my voice heard.
How has your journey been till now?

Since my first win in 2016, I have worked with many schools and colleges on gender sensitization programs. I have educated many on being safe during COVID. I have been an object of mockery, verbal and physical abuse, and this continues to date. I live with my parents these days and have a 4-by-4 room to myself. My mother still physically abuses me, doesn’t let any visitors and relatives meet me. People call me mad, especially people from the LGBT community who are not happy with my success. They discourage my decision to go back to modeling, telling me that I am old now. Designers are not ready to pay me because young trans girls are modeling for them free of cost.
You adopted two girls last year and now you are looking forward to building an orphanage for girls. Can you tell us more?

I am proud to say that I am the mother of two daughters, but I have to beg and clap for their survival. Both my girls were abandoned by their families. I adopted my first daughter in 2018 and the younger one in 2020. This one was an illegitimate child of a 16-year-old mother. Her mother threw her in a dustbin, and I soon got to know about it. I immediately went to the spot and took charge of this girl. Since my parents never loved me, I understand what love is and what a child needs.

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● Naaz Joshi first won Miss World Diversity in 2017, and retained her title the following year. She then became the first transgender to win the title for the third consecutive year in 2019. The win also made her the first transgender person in the world to win an international crown against cis-gendered women.

● Naaz Joshi was invited to TEDx at GLA University in Mathura on December 8th, to inspire people born with disabilities. The theme of the talk was silent heroes' hidden truth.

● Naaz Joshi won Miss Universe Diversity 2020, due to the pandemic of covid 19, the organization took it digitally this year. There were contestants from thirty countries who were given online tasks. Naaz chose to work on women's safety and self-defense. 

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