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Interview with Nazim Ansari | Web Developer | Founder of iPageSolution | Hmaratalent

Nazim Ansari is a WordPress developer and founder of iPage Solution. He is 25 years old and living in Rampur Uttar Pradesh, India. Interview taken by Ahbab Zameer on Hmaratalent

 Founder of iPageSolution Nazim Ansari 

Nazim Ansari is a WordPress developer and founder of iPage Solution. He is 25 years old and living in Rampur Uttar Pradesh, India.

He is a postgraduate in English from MJPRU Bareilly. When he got passionate and knew about the digital world, It got late to change his education stream. But he never took it as his weakness and kept learning and growing himself as a web developer.

 Founder Of iPageSolution  Nazim Ansari  

Please tell us about yourself, Nazim!
First of all, Thank you Ahbab for inviting me to your platform.
Hi, I am Nazim Ansari, a WordPress developer from Rampur Uttar Pradesh, India. I've been creating WordPress sites since 2016. From blog design to WordPress speed optimization I offer a variety of WordPress services.

How did you start your Digital Journey?

There is a little story about how I got into this digital world. Back in 2011 almost 10 years ago, I got my first cell phone after successfully passing my 10th class. I still remember it was G5 E71Y. It was a great moment, I don’t know how I spent the whole day exploring my cell phone. 

After a few days, I got to know about music websites on the internet. I used to download the songs from those websites and one day a question came into my mind. How have these websites been created? πŸ€”

From that day, I started searching on Google and got to know about two mobile website builders XtGem and Wapka no longer exist. I started my online journey by creating a mobile website on Wapka website builder using my cell phone.

Later on, I got to know about custom website development and web hosting. So I got interested in learning HTML, CSS & PHP. I keep learning & improving myself through online documentation.

Finally, in 2013, I coded my own website where I was providing free song download. By the grace of God and Google, I was getting 50K traffic per day 1.5 million a month. I was earning a decent amount of 3K+ USD per month by promoting UC browser, a Chinese mobile browser company. But I knew that it was not legal to run a music website without a license

One day Google came with a BIG update called Panda 2015 and penalized my site for thin quality content. The worst day of my life. 😞

I didn’t even know what happened with my website traffic And I didn’t get another chance to get my traffic back. After that, I started a WordPress blog in the tech niche, but I failed to continue it.

At the beginning of 2016, I was struggling for my career and I didn’t want to leave this digital world. I tried many things (dropshipping, news websites, jokes websites) but I failed. I was unable to figure out my inner passion & skills. Later on, I got my passion and thought to start my career as a web developer. 

Thanks to WordPress, Because it was there to help me in my new career. As I was already familiar with HTML, CSS & PHP. So I picked WordPress CMS to continue my journey, As it was a powerful CMS to build any kind of website. From 2016 till now, I am living WordPress and loved it much.

Today, I work as a freelancer for a few popular and good bloggers like Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion, Jitendra Vaswani from BloggersIdeas, and Pardeep Goyal from Cashoverflow. This became possible with WordPress and it has been a delightful journey so far.

What is NazimAnsari.com?

NazimAnsari.com is my personal portfolio website where you can check out my work and the WordPress services I provide.How much do you earn per month?

Ummm, Let me calculate it… Actually, It’s a lot of money 

What kind of WordPress services do you provide?

As a freelance developer, I like to work with quality clients and offer limited services. Here are the WordPress services I offer:

● WordPress Design & Development

● WordPress Speed Optimization

● WordPress Migration

● WordPress Malware Recovery

● WordPress Maintenance

What is your future plan?

Who doesn’t have a future plan? I have to.
Actually, I love WordPress and the community. So in the future, I would like to launch some of my own WordPress products (Free & Paid) and want to give back to this amazing community.Tell us about your first income and how?

In the early days of my career, I was running a music website and earned my first income (12K) by promoting an android browser called UC Browser.

How many influencers you are working with?
I am working with some of the popular bloggers like Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion, and Jitendra Vaswani from BloggersIdeas, to name a few.

I am working with some of the popular bloggers like Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion, Jitendra Vaswani from BloggersIdeas, to name a few.

As we know you are a WordPress expert, how much do you cost?

Umm, It’s a broad question. It’s like you build custom cars and someone asks you how much a car costs? It actually depends on the requirements. I always ask for the requirements and provide the proper quotation to my clients.

Do you provide any bonuses with any service?

I love what I do and I enjoy itπŸ’“ 
I always try to give my 100% to every project I do and deliver quality work under the given timeline. Customer satisfaction is my first priority. You can consider it as a bonus

How do you help people?

When people contact me, I try to help them as much as I can and time allows. I love helping people.

Please share your thoughts about Hmaratalent?
Yes, I must say you are doing a great job. It’s great where people can share their stories and inspire others. Keep doing great work and success will follow you.

As a Web Developer, what would you like to suggest to our readers?

One piece of advice I would like to give to your readers.

If you dream of something, just take action and do it your way. It’s never late to start. Never start something for the sake of money and do not get into the rabbit race. Know your inner potential and passion. Do something you enjoy most.

Thanks for reading this article 

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