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Interview With Mrs. Philippines World 2020 | Meranie Gadiana Rahman | Hmaratalent

Meranie Gadiana Rahman is a Mrs.Philippines World 2020, Mother of a Son, and a graduate of Bachelor in Science in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management from Liceo de Cagayan University Philippines on Hmaratalent,

Meranie Gadiana Rahman is a Mrs.Philippines World 2020, Mother of a Son, and a graduate of Bachelor in Science in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management from Liceo de Cagayan University Philippines. 

Meranie Gadiana Rahman

Mrs. Philippines World 2020 on Hmaratalent

Interview Begins

Please Introduce Yourself

I am Meranie Gadiana Rahman reigning Mrs. Philippines World preparing to compete at Mrs. World 2021. I am married to Dr. Inam Rahman MD, an emergency room physician, motivational speaker, and a pageant coach. We have a four-year-old precious son, Jaleel. I am a graduate of Bachelor in Science in Hotel, 

Kindly Tell Us About Your Early Life. 

My early life was full of challenges. My parents were farmers who did not have a son. Therefore, I started helping my parents at a very young age of 7 years which included helping mom clean the house, cooking, and buying groceries. I fetched a large bucket of drinking water from a mile distance on daily basis. I also sold goods in our grocery store.

My father was very supportive of education. He made sure I and my older sisters did our homework and never missed a class. 

However Ahbab, the school was always full of torture. I was bullied at school. 

What Challenges You Faced?

Besides being bullied and having a strict father with a large family of five daughters, we were rationed for everything except food and clothing.   

You Have Achieved a lot of Fame. Please explain How did you get?

Thank you very much for saying Ahbab! Yes, indeed  I have fulfilled many of my dreams such as finishing my education with my BS degree, having a very sound, strong, and loving family, my precious son. Winning several states, National, and International pageants, modeling, media, and Founder of  “You Are Loved Foundation for Postpartum Depression Awareness”, I still feel that my journey has just begun. 

All this was possible by my parents' teaching me to work hard, be humble and make the right choices. In addition, I have a very supportive husband who has been invoked with pageantry for many years and he is also my coach, and mentor. 

How Did you feel When you won Mrs. Phillipines?

It was unbelievable. I was really not expecting to win because I had something like food poisoning and had started vomiting many times one hour before the pageant with severe headache and weakness. I thought I will never make it but then something came over me and I pulled my strength, focused on myself, and just did my best, and the result was a surprise but a pleasant one. 

How has your Journey been till Now?

My journey has been full of challenges but forward-moving. I had wins and failure. However, I learned from my failures, and eventually, my failures became my successes. 

You Should Know

◼She started working when she was just 7 years old.

Mrs. Meranie has a diploma in postpartum depression.

Her husband's TV show Health is Wealth shown on local TV channel Olelo-54 as well as Roku TV with more than 35 million subscribers. 

She experienced the pain of postpartum depression that is the reason, she chose postpartum depression awareness. As a survivor of postpartum depression,

Many big media houses already covered her and her beauty.

She respects her husband and she says that her husband is her mentor who taught her what to do or not and she dedicates her success to her loving parents who made her a hard worker.

Photographs of Mrs. Phillipines on Hmaratalent

What would you say about your achievements and to whom you dedicate?

I have received many awards and recognitions from prestigious organization including the Philippines and Hawaii legislature

But I feel my greatest achievement is that I am able to keep my family together, help my husband in his clinic and still pursue my passion for promoting my advocacy of postpartum depression awareness. I am thankful to lord almighty for blessing me with the ability to do all that.

Can you tell about your Qualification more?

My educational background as I mentioned above. In addition, I also have a diploma in postpartum depression. Also running for pageants is a great source of education and experience. You not only learn from the pageant but also from your pageant sisters. Fortunately, I had a great share of both and I am looking forward to more at upcoming Mrs. World, the most prestigious and oldest pageant in the world

Finally, my husband Dr. Inam Rahman has been a wind under my wings beside my family, friends, and my supporters. As I mentioned before he is my coach, my trainer, my mentor, and my life partner in all the ups and downs

What else is on Horizon? 

A lot but I will share a couple of things. I have been a guest on my husband's TV show Health is Wealth shown on local TV channel Olelo-54 as well as Roku TV with more than 35 million subscribers. Now I will be co-hosting it with my husband. Secondly, I will be in the videos as an actress in my husband's Urdu Gazals videos which are being sung by playback singers of India and Pakistan and are being prepared for his YouTube Channel.

I think I will share the rest in future posts.

Why did you choose postpartum depression awareness as your advocacy? It is such an unknown area.

Actually, this is the reason I chose postpartum depression awareness. As a survivor of postpartum depression, I experienced how painful postpartum depression is and how little awareness treatment is available. If diagnosed in time, it is treatable yet so many ladies and some men have committed suicide.

What would you like to advise our readers and people of the Philippines?

Be honest to yourself and others, be kind and generous and share your happiness with others. Very importantly work hard, work diligently and never be afraid of failure because you cannot succeed without failure.

Here Interview Ends..........

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